Keep Your Old Towels and Give Them a Fresh Start With These Fantastic Ideas

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Hey there! We all have those old towels lying around that we’re not sure what to do with. You know, the ones with a few stains or frayed edges that we’re tempted to toss in the trash. But wait! Before you do that, let me tell you about some fantastic DIY ideas to breathe new life into your old towels. These projects are super easy and suitable for everyone, whether you’re a crafting pro or just starting out.

1. Washcloth:

Let’s start simple. Transform your old towel into soft and reusable washcloths. All you need to do is cut the towel into small square or rectangular pieces. You can make them as big or as small as you prefer. Hem the edges using a sewing machine or by hand to prevent fraying. Voilà! You have a set of eco-friendly washcloths to use again and again.

2. Bath Mat:

Tired of stepping on cold tiles after a shower? Turn your old towels into a cozy bath mat. Gather several towels in coordinating colors and cut them into strips about 2 inches wide and 6-8 inches long. Take a sturdy piece of fabric as the base and start braiding the towel strips together. Sew the ends to secure the braid, and you have a comfy bath mat to step onto.

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3. Bath Pouf:

Missing those fluffy bath poufs but don’t want to buy new ones? Make your own using old towels! Cut the towel into long strips and join them at one end. Braid the strips together tightly, and once you reach the other end, stitch it up to form a circular shape. Attach a ribbon or string to hang it in your shower, and you’re ready to lather up!

4. Beach Bag:

If you are planning a beach day, don’t rush to buy a new beach bag; instead, upcycle an old towel! Lay the towel flat and fold the two shorter sides towards the center, overlapping slightly. Stitch along the sides to create a bag shape, leaving the top open. Add sturdy handles using rope or repurposed straps from an old bag, and you’ve got a stylish beach bag that’s also sand-resistant!

5. Swiffer Cover:

Cleaning can be a breeze with a DIY Swiffer cover made from an old towel. Measure the dimensions of your Swiffer head and cut the towel to fit. Secure the towel piece onto the Swiffer with rubber bands or by sewing an elastic edge. Now you can dust and mop your floors while reducing waste.


6. Spa Towel Wrap:

Create your own spa-like experience at home with a towel wrap. Cut a wide strip from your old towel, long enough to wrap around your body comfortably. Sew on a button or attach a velcro strip to one end, and add a loop or ribbon on the other end. Wrap it around yourself after a shower or bath for a cozy and convenient spa towel wrap.

7. Create a Bib:

Got little ones around? Turn your old towels into adorable bibs. Trace a bib pattern onto the towel and cut it out. Add snaps or velcro closures for easy fastening. These homemade bibs are not only cute but also great for the environment.

8. Pot Holders:

Protect your hands from hot pots and pans by making pot holders from your old towels. Cut two squares or circles from the towel and place an insulating material like old blankets or layers of old towels in between. Sew the layers together around the edges, and you’ve got sturdy and heat-resistant pot holders.

9. Towel Cats:

Feeling crafty? Make towel cats (or any other animal) using your old towels. Simply roll up the towel into a cylinder shape, then fold it in half. Roll one end of the folded towel inward to create the cat’s head, and fold the other end to create the tail. Secure with rubber bands or ribbon, and add some googly eyes or fabric scraps for the face. You’ll have cute towel cats to decorate your bathroom or bedroom.


10. Pillow:

Give your old towels a cozy purpose by turning them into throw pillows. Cut two equal-sized squares or rectangles from the towel and sew them together, leaving a small opening. Stuff the pillow with old fabric scraps or pillow stuffing, and hand-stitch the opening shut. Now you have a soft and eco-friendly pillow to snuggle up with.

11. Cloth Caddy:

Organize your bathroom or kitchen with a cloth caddy made from old towels. Roll up the towel and stitch the ends together to form a cylinder shape. Sew fabric pockets onto the outside to hold small items like brushes or kitchen utensils. This simple yet useful DIY project will keep your space tidy and stylish.

12. Kitchen Towel:

If you need more kitchen towels, repurpose your old ones. Cut them into smaller rectangles and hem the edges to prevent fraying. Now you have reusable kitchen towels to wipe up spills and keep your kitchen clean.


13. Watch Band:

Surprisingly, you can even create a watch band from an old towel. Measure your wrist and cut a strip of towel that’s slightly longer than the circumference. Fold the strip in half lengthwise and stitch along the edge. Attach a watch clasp on each end, and you’ve got a unique and comfortable watch band.

14. Pet Cushion:

Your furry friend deserves comfort too! Make a pet cushion from your old towels. Stack several towels together and stitch around the edges, leaving a small opening. Stuff the towels with old fabric or pillow stuffing and sew the opening shut. Your pet will love their new soft and cozy spot.

15. Dish Scrubber:

Bid farewell to disposable dish scrubbers and create your own from old towels. Cut the towel into small squares and fold them to create a thick pad. Stitch around the edges to secure the layers. These reusable dish scrubbers are perfect for tackling tough messes without harming the environment.

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So, there you have it! A bunch of creative and simple ways to give your old towels a fresh purpose. Before you toss them out, consider trying one of these DIY projects. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Get your creative juices flowing, grab those old towels, and start crafting!

Remember, there are countless ways to upcycle old towels, so feel free to come up with your own unique ideas. Happy crafting!