10+ Creative Ways To Give Your Old Pillows New Life

source: Pinterest / RedShed

Pillows are one of those things that we seem to accumulate pretty easily. Although we use a select number of them every single night, there are often pillows left stuffed in some cabinet that rarely see use. So if you’ve got some extra pillows hanging around, why not give them new life with these awesome and creative tips?!

1. Make A Pet Bed

source: PhotoBoat / Etsy

If you have a small or medium-sized dog (or cat!), why not give them your old pillow to use as a pet bed? You can even buy a cheap pillowcase in a fun pattern to match your home decor.

2. Use As Packing Protection

If you’re gearing up for a big move, save money (and the environment!) by reusing old pillows as padding. Pillows are perfect for packing up breakables and for protecting furniture from being damaged.

3. Block Drafts

source: Architectural Digest / Photo: Roland Bello

If you live in an old home, you’ve likely experienced cold drafts during the cooler seasons. If you can determine the source of the drafts and it’s safe to do so, you can stuff old pillows in any gaps to block cold air from entering your house.

4. Save For Camping & Road Trips

You’re probably not going to want to bring your best pillows camping and on road trips. Old pillows are great for these occasions, so just store them in an air-tight container until you’re ready to use them!

5. Gardening/Housework Support

source: Red Shed

If you’re an avid gardener, your knees probably ache after a short while from kneeling on the rough ground. The same goes for thorough housework. Save your knees and use a pillow as a support cushion.

6. Stuffing For Animal Cages

If you have a little critter that loves to be cozy, you can reuse the stuffing from old pillows as bedding for their cage. Although you’ll have to replace the bedding regularly, at least you’re recycling the pillow to some extent.

7. Donate To The Homeless

source: iStock

For people living on the streets, an extra pillow could make all the difference in their sleeping conditions. Gather up a box of your old pillows and hand them out to homeless people in your area. Alternatively, you can also donate them to homeless shelters.

8. Combine Two Pillows Together

source: BrightNest

If you have two pillows that are beginning to get flat, put both of them into one bigger pillowcase. That way, the two flatter pillows will stand in for one regular one.

9. Floor Cushions

If you have a bunch of old pillows, sew them all together to make one giant floor cushion. It will be perfect for watching movies, playing video games, or having a board games night.

10. Throw Pillows

Anyone with basic sewing skills can take an old pillow and make it into a few smaller ones. Just condense the stuffing, and use the old pillowcase for multiple new ones. If the pillowcase is beyond reuse, just buy a new, cheap one to use for the throw pillows.

11. Rags

If there’s nothing else you can do with your old pillows, remove the stuffing for one of the other uses on this list, then cut the fabric of the pillow to use for household rags.