The Product Closes A Wound If You’re In A Remote Spot Far From Medical Attention

source: YouTube/ZipStitch

If you’re an avid hiker, backpacker, camper, or just generally outdoorsy person, there’s likely been at least one instance in your life where you’ve cut yourself on something, only to realize you’re far, far away from any medical attention. If it’s a deep cut, a band-aid won’t do a whole lot. It’s easy to panic, and even easier to lose a great deal of blood by the time you finally make it back to civilization.

Thankfully, something called the ZipStitch was invented. According to their website, ZipStitch is the only surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription. It’s completely non-invasive, easy-to-use, and allows you to treat cuts if you’re unable to immediately seek medical attention. Essentially, four zip ties are connected by two adhesive strips. Simply place the ZipStitch over the cut, then pull the zip ties closed.

source: YouTube/ZipStitch

The ZipStitch wouldn’t just be a great thing to carry around if you’re an extreme outdoor sport person, either. A ZipStitch is the perfect tool to use for cooking incidents, home repair accidents, and even children’s injuries (because let’s face it, those happen a lot). If you live in the country or somewhere remote, a ZipStitch is definitely something you want to have in your first aid kit.

We also wanted to inform you that we are in no way affiliated with ZipStitch, and this is not a paid partnership in any way. The product is simply so brilliant, we just wanted to share it with you! To learn more about the ZipStitch, check out the video below.