7 Helpful Ways To Use Tea Bags In Your Garden

source: DIY Home Things

Tea is a wonderfully warm, cozy drink that seems to make everything better. You may love drinking tea, but did you know that tea bags also offer a ton of different uses? Today, we’re going to focus on all of the marvellous things tea bags can do for your garden!

1. Deters Pests

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To deter insects and other pests from destroying your plants, sprinkle the contents of a used tea bag over the soil. Apparently, pests don’t like the smell of caffeine and will be encouraged to stay away.

2. Kills Weeds

source: Natural Living Ideas

Did you know that pouring brewed black tea directly onto a weed will take care of it? Who knew?!

3. Rids Fungus

source: Gardening Forums

You know that gross fungus that sometimes pops up on the surface of your soil? Pouring some brewed chamomile tea onto the fungus will zap it in no time.

4. Fertilizer

Certain types of plants (namely roses and ferns) greatly benefit from the tannic acid and nitrogen-boosting qualities of tea. Simply sprinkle some dried tea leaves around the base of these plants to encourage growth.

5. Grass Growth

If you have a few bare patches in your lawn, plant a used tea bag into the spot in question before sprinkling on some grass seed.

6. Compost

source: Lifehack / iStock

Used tea bags (or the contents of them) provide an excellent addition to your compost bin. The tea encourages the decomposition process.

7. Soothes Itchy Skin

source: JumbleJoy

If you’re an avid gardener, you’re no stranger to rashes, bee stings, and insect bites. To relieve the pain or itch, hold a cooled, used tea bag onto the spot in question.