8 Unexpected Ways To Use Tea Bags Around The House

source: Tea Garden Numi Organic Tea

There are few things more comforting than a cup of hot tea on a cold day, or when you could use a pick-me-up. I have about five different types of tea in my pantry at any given time, and I can safely say that I reach for a tea bag multiple times a day. If you’re a tea drinker, hang on to your tea bags! Surprisingly, they can be used for many purposes around your home.

1. Absorb Odors

When you’ve used a tea bag, leave it out to dry somewhere. Once dry, place the tea bag in any area where you’ve noticed foul odors. From stinky shoes, to under the kitchen sink, the tea bag will absorb the unpleasant odors.

2. Soothe Skin

If you have any itchy bug bite or minor rash, apply a damp, cool tea bag to the area in question. The tea bag will take away the itch and sting.

3. Soothe Sunburns

Another thing tea bags can help with? Sunburns. Brew a pot of tea with multiple tea bags. Let the tea completely cool, then use a soft cloth to gently press the cooled tea onto your burn.

4. Remove Under Eye Circles

To reduce the appearance of dark, puffy under eyes, place a few damp tea bags in the fridge, then apply them to your under eyes. Because tea contains natural caffeine, it will shrink the irritated blood vessels under your eyes, making your skin appear smoother and less puffy.

5. Deodorize Carpets

Let a few used tea bags completely dry out, then remove the tea mixture from the bags and mix it with some baking soda. Apply this mixture to any stinky carpets, then vacuum it up after about half an hour. Any unpleasant odors will be absorbed.

6. Remove Grease

If your pans or baking sheets are laden with stuck-on grease, place a tea bag in the dish, then fill it with water. Let the tea bag sit overnight. In the morning, the grease will be loosened and you’ll be able to clean it much more easily.

7. Conditioning Rinse

source: Badi Salonu

To make your hair super shiny and smooth, brew a strong pot of tea, then let the solution completely cool. Pour the tea over your hair and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would.

8. Polish Wood

source: Today

To bring back some shine to your wood furniture and other wood surfaces, soak a few tea bags in warm water. Use a rag to dip into the tea, then wipe down any wood surfaces that could use some love. Use a clean cloth to buff the surfaces afterwards.