How To Curl Hair Using Plastic Water Bottle

source: Instagram/@omgartistry

If someone told you that you could get big, beautiful curls in minutes without using a curling iron, would you believe them? Probably not. However, it’s time to listen up, ladies. There’s a new hair curling hack taking the internet by storm, and although it may sound extremely bizarre, it actually works.

source: Hello It’s Loh

The internet is currently full of the #BlowTheBottle challenge. Although this might sound like an inappropriate hashtag, it’s simply because women have found a way to get pretty curls by blowdrying their hair inside a water bottle. To try this hack, all you have to do is cut a hole in the side of a water bottle big enough for the end of your blowdryer to fit through. You’ll want to use an attachment on the end so your hair doesn’t end up getting sucked into the blowdryer.

Then, put a section of your hair into the top of the bottle, and turn your blowdryer on a low or medium setting. You want to be careful that your blowdryer isn’t getting too hot, as it will melt the plastic and leave you with a horrific mess. This hack is definitely bizarre, and I’m not too sure how long it will stick around for. But if you want to see this method in action, just click on the video below!