15+ Genius Uses For Empty Baby Wipe Containers

sources: Pinterest / The Teacher's Wife

If you’re a parent to young children, then you’re likely very familiar with baby wipes. Babies and toddlers can be extremely messy, and we often need the help of baby wipes to deal with those messes! When you’ve finished a container of baby wipes, you likely toss the plastic container in the recycling. However, you can actually reuse those containers for a whole bunch of brilliant hacks!

1. Yarn Holder

source: John Lawton

If you like to knit, transform an empty baby wipes container into a handy yarn holder.

2. Piggy Bank

An empty baby wipes container can be turned into a piggy bank for your kids that they won’t be able to break!

3. Crayon Storage

source: Modern Mommy

Keeping your kids’ crayons in a baby wipes container will prevent them from shoving the crayons back into their box and breaking them.

4. Chalk Box

Send your kids outside to play on a nice day with their very own chalk box.

5. Toiletry Storage

source: Sortra / Pinterest

An empty wipes container is a great way to store toiletries, beauty supplies, and more.

6. Snack Box

source: Inhabitat / Top Pressure Cookers

It’s a great idea to keep a snack box in the car for when your kids get hungry during long drives.

7. Kids’ Laptop

Instead of sticking a real iPad under your child’s nose, why not get them to play with this pretend laptop made from a wipes container?!

8. Game Storage

source: DIY Craft Projects / Jazzie and Tahlia

Label the outside of empty wipes containers and store their coinciding card games inside.

9. Plastic Bag Dispenser

source: The Teacher’s Wife

An empty wipes container is a great way to organize and dispense plastic bags (including doggie bags!).

10. Recipe Storage

source: Favrapp

There’s no need to go out and buy a recipe card box! An empty wipes container will do the trick.

11. Toy Storage

source: Savvy Sassy Moms

An empty wipes container is a great way to store loose toy pieces.

12. Decorative Container

source: Merriment Design

Some Mod Podge and fabric can transform a wipes container into a decorative storage box for any room in your home.

13. Homemade Baby Wipes

source: Mrs. Weber’s Neighborhood

Some people like to make their own baby wipes using more natural ingredients. An empty wipes container is the perfect place to store them!

14. Sensory Board

source: Motherhood And Other Adventures

Feeling crafty? You can use the tops of wipes containers to make a peek-a-boo sensory board for your child.

15. First Aid Kit

source: Pinterest

An empty wipes container makes for the perfect traveling first aid kit; stick one in your car for any emergencies that happen away from home.

16. Donation Boxes

source: DIY Now / The Ulrich Family

Collecting donations for a bake sale or other work/community event? An empty wipes container makes for a great donation box.