18 Awesome And Effective Uses For Borax

Growing up, I remember my parents always kept a box of Borax in the house. Now that I’m a busy parent myself, I completely understand why. Borax can be used for a whole bunch of chores, and together, they’ll make your life a lot easier!

1. Brighten Your Whites

Want to restore your whites to their former glory? A solution of Borax, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, a hint of bleach, and a very hot water cycle will do the trick.

2. Deter Mice

source: Triangle Pest Control / Image: Inge Habex at Wikimedia Commons.

Mice absolutely hate the feel of Borax on their feet. Sprinkle some Borax in mice-prone areas to send them back outside. Check other ways to get rid of mice from your home.

3. Revive China And Dishware

source: Yankee Magazine

If your best china pieces are looking a little dull, soak them in a solution of Borax and warm water before rinsing and drying.

4. Promote Fruit Tree Growth

source: HGTV / Shutterstock

Every couple of years, sprinkle some Borax around the base of fruit trees to really make them flourish.

5. Kill Weeds

source: Balcony Garden Web

While fruit trees benefit from a bit of Borax, weeds do not! Make a solution of Borax and water, and spray directly onto weeds.

6. Clean Toilets

source: DenGarden

Pour a liberal amount of Borax in your toilet bowl before bed. In the morning, use a toilet brush to scrub it around before flushing, and your toilet will look brand new.

7. Freshen Up Pillows

source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

If your pillows are looking yellow and stained, wash them with the same solution mentioned in #1.

8. Polish Stainless Steel

source: A Shade Of Teal

There’s no need for expensive stainless steel wipes. You can make your own stainless steel cleaner with a paste made from Borax, baking soda, lemon juice, and soda water.

9. Deodorize The Garbage Can

source: The Family Handyman

To prevent your garbage from stinking up the entire house, sprinkle a bit of Borax in the bottom of the bag.

10. Clean Sinks

source: ithappensinablink.com

A paste made from Borax and lemon juice will remove even the most stubborn of stains from both porcelain and stainless steel sinks.

11. Clean Brushes

Hairbrushes can become full of gunk and bacteria over time. Soak your brushes in a solution of hot water, Borax, and liquid dish soap before rinsing and letting air dry.

12. Dry And Preserve Flowers

source: The Gardening Cook

You can save cut flowers forever by drying and preserving them with this method involving Borax.

13. Deodorize The Fridge

To keep your fridge free of foul odors, wipe down each shelf with a solution of Borax and water.

14. Wash Baseball Caps

source: Pinterest

To clean stinky and stained baseball caps, put them on the top rack of the dishwasher, fill the detergent compartment with Borax, and run the dishwasher on a regular cycle.

15. Combat Ants

source: LittleThings

If ants have invaded your home, make a solution using Borax, warm water, and sugar. Soak cotton balls in the solution and leave them in ant-prone areas. The ants will eat the solution and meet their end!

16. DIY Snowflakes

source: Growing Up Gabel

This is such a fun winter craft! Click here to find out how Borax can be turned into these beautiful crystal snowflakes.

17. DIY Air Freshener

source: Hometalk

To make your very own air freshener, simply mix together half a cup of Borax, some warm water, and 8 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

18. Clean Pots And Pans

source: BabaMail / Shutterstock

To clean burnt and grimy pots and pans, sprinkle the insides with Borax and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Use a damp cloth or scrub brush to scrub clean before rinsing.