Firefighters Reveal The 6 Easiest Ways To Prevent House Fires

source: Maricopa County Home Shows

It feels like every day, we hear multiple news stories about a tragic house fire somewhere close to where we live. House fires can happen for a ton of different reasons, but there are a few simple ways you can prevent yourself from becoming part of a house fire statistic.

1. Candles

You would likely be astounded to learn the number of house fires that start due to burning candles. Never leave a candle unattended or lit when you go to bed. Never light a candle close to curtains, furniture, or any area that’s cluttered. And never light a candle close to running children and pets.

2. Maintain Cords

You know your frayed phone charger that you’ve been using for a while now? It’s time to throw it out. Frayed, damaged, and old cords can spark without warning, leading to a fire in seconds. Always check your cords for damage, including extension cords.

3. Stay In The Kitchen

source: The Tempest

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re cooking, stay in the kitchen. Leaving a stove burner, oven, or anything else that generates heat unattended is an extremely common cause of house fires.

4. The Dryer

After each and every time you use the dryer, always empty the lint trap. You should also get in the habit of inspecting your dryer once or twice a year to ensure that all connections are secure and in good working order.

5. Smoke Alarms

If your smoke detectors are out of date, chances are they won’t be much good when a fire does happen. Ensure that your home has the required amount of smoke detectors according to your city’s fire code. This goes for carbon monoxide detectors, too.

6. Fire Extinguisher

source: Hackaday

Many people think that having a fire extinguisher in their home seems a little excessive. But having one on hand can prevent a small fire from engulfing your entire home. If you live in a remote area where it would take longer for fire services to reach you, consider stocking up on a few fire extinguishers.