10 Easy And Efficient Cleaning Tips

source: Susan Branch Blog

I don’t know many people who actually enjoy cleaning. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and it’s just not very fun! However, the following tips are extremely simple and will help to keep your home looking like a million bucks.

1. Clean Kitchen Cabinets

source: Minwax Blog

To remove grease and grime from your kitchen cabinets, make a solution using distilled vinegar, water, and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Use an old toothbrush to work the solution into your cupboards before wiping clean with a damp cloth.

2. Unclog A Shower Head

To unclog a shower head, fill a plastic bag with distilled vinegar, then secure the bag over top of the shower head. Let it sit overnight and when you remove it, the water will run freely again.

3. Remove Bathroom Mold

source: imgur

To eliminate mold and mildew from your bathtub and shower, soak some pieces of cotton coil in bleach. Place the soaked cotton along the caulking in your shower and other mold-prone areas. Use a Q-tip to push the cotton into the cracks. Let it sit overnight, then use an old toothbrush to scrub any leftover residue away before rinsing well with water.

4. Clean A Microfiber Couch

source: HomeTalk

To remove stains and marks from microfiber furniture, spray the areas in question with rubbing alcohol. Then, use a cloth or scrub brush to work the solution into the fabric. When the rubbing alcohol dries, it will evaporate and leave your furniture looking and smelling like new.

5. Restore Wood Furniture

source: Sea-life-style.blogspot.com / Apartment Therapy

To eliminate minor scuffs and scratches from wood furniture, rub a walnut over the areas in need of some love!

6. Whiten Yellow Pillows

source: SkinnyPoints / Shop Cama Blog

If your pillows have seen better days, you can restore them to bright and white by putting them on a hot water cycle and adding half a cup of Borax, one cup of bleach, one cup of powdered dishwasher solution, and one cup of laundry detergent to the machine.

7. Polish Silverware

source: Susan Branch Blog

To make your silverware sparkle and shine, line a shallow pan with aluminum foil. Put your silverware in the pan, then sprinkle a generous amount of table salt over top before pouring in enough boiling water to cover the silverware. Let it sit for about half an hour, then rinse and wipe dry.

8. Clean Baseboards

source: Pinterest

Running a dryer sheet along your baseboards will not only trap the dust, but since the sheets are anti-static, they will prevent dust from accumulating there in the first place.

9. Clean Gas Stove Grates

source: Pinching Your Pennies

To clean the grates from your gas stove, put them in a sealed Ziploc bag with two to three tablespoons of ammonia. Let it sit overnight, then rinse and dry the grate thoroughly.

10. Clean Cast Iron

source: Diane’s Food Blog

To clean a cast iron skillet without removing the important coating, use coarse salt to scrub any residue from the skillet before rinsing and patting to dry.