8 Things To Toss Today For A More Organized Home

source: H. Barry Smith Realtors and Auctioneers

I always like to start the New Year off by doing a clean sweep of my entire house. Between the closets, pantry, and basement, there are always many useless objects lying around that I simply don’t need. If you’re interested in doing a purge of your home but are unsure of where to start, toss (or donate) the following eight items to instantly create more space and organization.

1. Old Makeup

source: Living Well Mom

Yes, makeup does expire. And using old makeup can lead to bacteria, acne, and even skin infections. Check the dates on your makeup, and toss anything that you know you’ve had for way too long.

2. Old Shoes

source: ThriftyFun / iStock

If you have a few pairs of shoes lying around that have definitely seen better days, what purpose are they serving you? The same goes for shoes that you just don’t ever wear.

3. Old Pantry Supplies

source: The Farmer’s Wife

If you have super old boxes of pancake mix, spices, and other dry goods that have been sitting in your pantry unused for ages, it’s to the trash they go! Take the opportunity to create valuable pantry space.

4. Random Pillows

source: Flickr

Pillows are one item that can take up a lot of space. If you have an excess of throw pillows or sleeping pillows that you don’t use, consider donating them.

5. Old Cords And Cables

source: Inhabitat

Of course, it’s fine to keep the charging cords that you’re currently using for your phone and laptop. However, a bunch of random cables that you don’t use are simply taking up space. And if a cord is frayed or damaged, toss it right away!

6. Piles Of Papers

source: 9Clouds

Most of us have at least one random pile of paper where we throw mail and other papers. Sort through the pile. If a document is a necessity, store it away in a file folder. If it’s not, shred it and recycle it.

7. Old Bath Products

source: Business Insider / Flickr

Is your bath or shower filled with loofahs, shower gel bottles, and other bath products that you never use? If so, toss ’em!

8. Boxes

source: Livin The McLife

Most of us have many boxes or bins in storage that house sentimental items. Of course, it’s fine to keep items with a great sentimental value. But you probably don’t need everything in those boxes. Take an afternoon to sort through them and donate anything you know you won’t miss.