The Things You Can Take Home From A Hotel And The Things That You Absolutely Can’t

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If you stay in hotels from time to time, you probably don’t think twice about taking home those mini shampoo bottles, body lotions, and soaps. And that’s totally fine. However, there are certain items that you can’t take from hotel rooms, and doing so would actually be considered theft. Yikes! Firstly, let’s talk about the items in hotel rooms that are always up for grabs.

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As previously mentioned, those little toiletries that the hotel provides you with are for you. Even if you don’t use them up during your stay, they were intended for your use, so you might as well take them home. Plus, those little conditioners and lotions always smell so good! It’s also generally okay to take home those note pads and plastic pens that many hotel rooms provide. If you have a use for them, that is.

Now, let’s talk about the things that you absolutely cannot take home. You know those comfy, soft slippers that many hotels provide? Even if they come in new packaging, they’re not yours to keep. The same goes for those plush bath robes. Oh, and the hotel’s towels. I hope it goes without saying that you’re also not entitled to take home the bedding.

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Coffee makers and paintings on the wall? Yeah, you’d better leave those there. Since most hotels that provide these amenities require you to leave your credit card information while booking your room, if you take these “forbidden” items, you’ll just get charged for them anyways. When it comes to hotels, just use your common sense. You don’t need to be charged with theft for being greedy during a hotel stay.