Where The Unused Soap From Hotels Actually Goes

source: A Freelance Writer

I travel pretty often, and so I stay at hotels quite frequently. If you, too, stay at hotels from time to time, you likely use some (or all) of the toiletries provided. If you only stay at a hotel for one or two nights, chances are you hardly use any of the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap. Have you ever wondered where all of those barely-used products end up?

Well, those products all end up in the landfill. Hotels aren’t going to give used toiletries to their next guests, so it’s more timely for them to simply throw it all in the garbage. With all of the hotels in the world, just think about how much waste toiletries alone are generating.

It might shock you to learn that over 2 million bars of partially used soap are thrown away every day in the United States. And according to the World Health Organization, millions of young lives could be saved with access to bar soap and basic hygiene education. That’s where the Clean the World Foundation comes in.

Clean the World works to recycle soap and other discarded toiletry items that traditionally end up in landfills. To date, this organization has distributed more than 44 million bars of soap to over 127 countries across the world in need of basic hygiene supplies. This includes people affected by poverty, homelessness, and humanitarian or natural crises.

In addition to recycling soap, Clean the World also works to reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste that ends up in landfills as a result of discarded hotel toiletries. This organization is already making huge waves, and there are multiple ways you can help them with their mission. Click here to learn more about Clean the World and how you can get involved.

We often don’t consider just how lucky we are to live with access to basic hygiene and everything we need in order to stay healthy. Thankfully, organizations like Clean the World are paving the way for a more sustainable world in which everyone has access to basic amenities like soap. Hats off to you, Clean the World!