9 Things To Avoid Flushing Down The Drain

source: Jar-Dab Plumbing / Alamy

You already know that there are certain things you shouldn’t be flushing down your sink’s drain or toilet. However, there are many other things that you should never flush down the drain that most people don’t know about. Avoid flushing the following things unless you want to call a plumber and spend lots of money!

1. Flour


When flour is combined with water, it makes a thick, doughy paste. So when you wash flour down the drain, the same will occur in your pipes! Always wipe flour up with a paper towel instead.

2. Hair

source: Wasteland Rebel

If you let a few hairs wash down the drain over time, it can result in one giant clump of hair that clogs your pipes and is very difficult to remove.

3. Feminine Products

source: The Plaid Press

It always surprises me when one of my female friends reveals they flush pads or tampons down the toilet. These products are designed to expand when wet, and they can easily expand and get caught in your pipes.

4. Egg Shells

When they come in contact with water, egg shell pieces become extremely sticky. They can stick together and form a big clump, or stick to other debris in your drain and create a blockage.

5. Medication


Many people think it’s safe to flush medication down the toilet, but this is definitely not the case. Not only does this contaminate the water system, but medications also don’t break down easily in water and can quickly create a clog.

6. Pasta And Rice

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Pasta and rice are meant to expand when in water. And that’s exactly what they’ll do in your pipes if you wash them down the drain!

7. Baby/Makeup Removing Wipes

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Baby wipes and makeup removing wipes are quite thick, and they can easily become lodged in your toilet’s pipes. Throw them in the garbage instead of flushing them.

8. Condoms

source: Daily Mail

I’ll keep this straight to the point. Condoms aren’t meant to be flushed down the toilet, and you’ll feel mighty awkward if a plumber has to come and fish one out.

9. Produce Stickers

source: Wikimedia Commons

You know those little stickers that come on fruits and vegetables? When you wash them down the sink, they can easily stick to the sides of the pipes and each other, creating a clog.