11 Random Yet Clever Uses For ChapStick

sources: Makeup and Beauty / Geniale Tricks / BC-MakeUp

There’s nothing worse than having dry, chapped lips. I have separate lip balms in my purse, car, and bedside table — you can never be too prepared! However, did you know that ChapStick offers a ton of clever uses besides soothing dry lips? Well, you do now!

1. Unstick A Zipper

source: Senseful Style

Dealing with a stuck zipper? Never fear! Just apply some ChapStick along the zipper’s teeth to help it glide more smoothly.

2. Quick Sun Protection

If you find yourself out in the sun but don’t have any sunscreen on hand, a lip balm containing SPF is a good alternative. Apply it to sun-prone places like under your eyes and along the bridge of your nose.

3. Remove A Stuck Ring

source: Boredom Therapy / GenialeTricks

If a too-small ring has become stuck on your finger, apply some ChapStick to the skin surrounding the ring. It will help the ring to slide off more easily.

4. Soothe Itchy Bites

source: Quick and Dirty Tips / Shutterstock

Mosquito bites can be unbearably itchy. Dab some lip balm (preferably a mint variety) on the area in question to help relieve the itch.

5. Groom Brows

source: Beauty Heaven

Are your eyebrows looking a little unruly? Don’t want to spend lots of money on fancy eyebrow products? Just swipe a bit of clear ChapStick on your brows to smooth down the hair.

6. Prevent Blisters

source: Cleverly / GenialeTricks

When breaking in a new pair of shoes, swipe some ChapStick along your heels and other blister-prone areas of your feet. It will help to prevent blisters from forming.

7. Soothe A Papercut

source: One Good Thing By Jillee

Apply some ChapStick to papercuts, hangnails, and other small cuts to help relieve the pain and stinging sensation.

8. Unstick A Lightbulb Socket

source: Lifehacker

Rub some lip balm onto old lightbulb sockets. The lubrication will help make lightbulbs screw on and off more easily.

9. Hide Valuables

source: Pinterest / Instructables Living

When at a beach, public pool, or similar place, use a hollowed out ChapStick tube to store cash and other small belongings in (like jewelry you don’t want to get wet, for instance).

10. Remove Long-lasting Lipstick

source: Top Sante / Depositphotos

Long-lasting lipstick is great — until you’re ready for it to come off! Instead of scrubbing at your lips, simply apply some ChapStick over the lip color. After a few minutes, the color should come off with a damp cloth.

11. Fix Scratched DVDs

source: Musely

If you have a scratched CD or DVD, applying some lip balm to the area will help them play normally again!