10 Surprising But Brilliant Uses For Glue

sources: YouTube/Hometalk / YouTube/Olivia Frescura

When you think of white glue, you probably think about some type of arts and crafts project. And while glue is definitely a crafting necessity, did you know that it can also be used for a ton of different hacks around the house? Well, you do now!

1. Fix Frayed Laces

source: Vat19

If you have fraying shoelaces, a little bit of glue around the fray will solve the problem.

2. Fill Furniture Gaps

source: India Mart

If you have a piece of wood furniture with a gap or that’s creaking, use a bit of glue to fill the hole and tighten the wood back into place.

3. Peel Off Polish

source: YouTube/Olivia Frescura

If you’ve ever worn glitter nail polish, then you already know it takes forever to get off with nail polish remover. To lessen the hassle, paint your nails with a solution of water and glue before applying the polish. That way, you can just peel off the glue when you’ve had enough of the polish. Click here to see a tutorial.

4. Paper Mache

source: Dream A Little Bigger

Stuck inside on a rainy day with a bunch of bored kids? With a little glue and newspaper, you can make a paper mache project.

5. Patch A Hole

source: YouTube/Hometalk

Need to patch a drywall hole? It’s white glue to the rescue!

6. DIY Slime

source: YouTube/Toys Channel

You can make slime for your kids to play with using just two ingredients! Click here for the tutorial.

7. Remove A Splinter

source: One Good Thing By Jillee

To remove a splinter, apply a layer of white glue around the area of the splinter. Let it completely dry, then peel it off. The glue should pull the splinter out when you begin peeling it back.

8. Suncatcher Craft

You can use white glue to make this awesome kids’ suncatcher craft! Click here for the tutorial.

9. Stiffen Fabric

source: Pinterest

If you need to stiffen fabric for a project, white glue is your best bet. Click here for a video tutorial.

10. Fix Particle Board

source: 123RF

Particle board furniture is prone to cracks and breaking. You can seal up small cracks with white glue, then smooth any excess glue over with plastic wrap.