11+ Surprising Ways To Use Cooking Spray That Have Nothing To Do With Greasing Pans

source: WikiHow

Most of us have a can of Pam lying around our kitchens. Cooking spray is the quickest and easiest way to grease pans and make our job in the kitchen that much simpler. However, did you know that cooking spray has a ton of other uses that have nothing to do with coating your pans? It may seem surprising, but these hacks really do work!

1. Quiet Squeaky Hinges

source: PicturesMo

If the metal hinges on your doors or cupboards are making that awful creaking noise, just spray a bit of cooking spray onto them. The spray will quiet them right up.

2. Remove Soap Scum Stains

It may sound odd, but rubbing cooking spray into soap scum stains will help to break them down. Just be sure that if you’re using this method on any shower floors, you clean them thoroughly afterwards so that no one slips!

3. Dry Nail Polish

Did you know that spritzing wet nail polish with some cooking spray will help your nails to dry faster? It will also make them look super shiny.

4. Prevent Frozen Car Doors

source: Today Show

If you know that a huge temperature drop is coming, spritz a little cooking spray on the inside of your car door frame. It will keep your car doors from freezing shut.

5. Easier Food Slicing

If you’re chopping up a bunch of different vegetables, spray the blade of your cutting knife with a small amount of cooking spray to prevent the little pieces from sticking to your knife.

6. Helps With Shovelling

To prevent packing snow from sticking to and building up on your snow shovel, coat it in some cooking spray before tackling your driveway.

7. Clean Paint And Grease From Hands

To quickly remove paint or grease from your hands, spray them with cooking spray before washing them with soap and warm water.

8. Remove Stuck-On Bugs

If your vehicle’s head lights or front bumper are coated in dead, stuck-on bugs, spray the area with cooking spray. After a few minutes, use a soft cloth to wipe them off.

9. Loosen Locks

source: Rachael Ray

If your key seems to be getting jammed in a stiff lock, spray a tiny amount of cooking spray onto the key before trying it in the lock.

10. Remove Stuck Rings

Is a too-tight ring now stuck on your finger? Just spritz your finger with cooking spray and it should slide off more easily.

11. Remove Gum From Hair

source: Flickriver / Flickr

Everyone is bound to get gum stuck in their hair sooner or later. Simply spray the gum and surrounding hair with cooking spray, then wait as it gradually separates from the hair.

12. Prevent Sticky Pasta

source: Quora / BUDGETBYTES

Pasta noodles and shells can stick together extremely easily. To prevent this from happening, add a few spritzes of cooking spray into the pot with boiling water before putting the pasta in.