8 Things Kids Should Be Able To Do By The Time They’re 13

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When our children are young, we dedicate essentially all of our time and energy to caring for and protecting them. However, as they get older, they become more independent. And somewhere along the way, we need to take a step back and let them assume some responsibility. Here are 8 things you need to stop doing for your children who are over 13 years old in order to allow them to grow into mature, well-rounded adults.

1. Cleaning Their Room

source: The New York Times

Firstly, a child far younger than 13 years old is fully capable of keeping their room neat and tidy. Not only should a 13-year-old be cleaning their own room, but they should also be helping out with other household chores like dishes, vacuuming, and taking out the garbage.

2. Being At Their Beck And Call

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It’s obviously normal to want to help your children out. But if you’re constantly dropping everything to drop off your child’s forgotten textbook, lunch, or similar situations, they’ll never learn to take responsibility for themselves.

3. Waking Them Up

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A 13-year-old is fully capable of waking themselves up for school in the morning. When given an alarm clock, they should be able to set it each night before bed, and get up in a timely manner.

4. Making Their Lunches

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A 13-year-old should absolutely be making their own lunch each day. Whether they make it the night before or early enough in the morning so that it’s not a rush out the door, their lunch should be their responsibility.

5. Cooking Too Specifically

source: Center for American Progress

You shouldn’t have to cater each and every meal to your child’s picky eating habits. Cook dinners that are convenient, healthy, and easy for whoever is making them. If your child doesn’t like it, they can be in charge of making their own meals.

6. Doing Their Laundry

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A 13-year-old is absolutely able to do their own laundry. They should be able to put clothes in the washing machine, dryer, and fold them afterwards.

7. Having Too Much Communication With Their Teachers

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If your child is struggling in school or dealing with bullies, it’s absolutely acceptable to get involved with their teachers. However, you can’t fight each and every one of their battles. If your child forgets to do their homework, that’s on them; it’s not necessary to always come to their rescue.

8. Packing Their Bags

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Going on a weeklong vacation or a weekend getaway? Don’t pack your teenager’s bag for them. They should be able to plan out what they will and will not need, and pack accordingly.