Mom Came Up With A Clever Plan To Get Her Kids To Do Their Chores

source: Jet Planes and Coffee / Imgur

If you’re a parent, then you know that getting your kids to follow instructions isn’t always an easy task. Between their friends, electronics, and extracurriculars, getting your children to do their chores is often the last thing on their minds. However, one clever and creative mom developed the perfect solution for getting her kids to clean up their mess.

The mom in this situation was clearly fed up. Her kitchen was a mess, and it was likely a result of her children. However, she didn’t get mad. But she also didn’t go ahead and clean it up herself. Instead, she got a little crafty.

Before leaving the house, this mom left a typed note in an impossible-to-miss spot in her home. The note explained that in order to get the wi-fi password for that day, her children needed to clean the kitchen, from top to bottom.

source: Imgur

This mom clearly knows how children operate, as her note also required that her kids place a box of crackers on the counter by the stove, to ensure that they weren’t texting her an old photo of a clean kitchen. Is she smart, or is she smart?!

Anyways, you can bet your bottom dollar that her kids followed the instructions and cleaned the kitchen. If there’s one thing that children are motivated by in 2018, it’s the internet. Hats off to this creative mom for finding a simple and harmless way to get her children involved in the household chores!