5 Simple Ways To Keep The House Cool During The Summer

source: Pretty Handy Girl / sandandsisal.com

After a long, snowy winter (at least where I live), it overjoys me to say that summer is almost here. I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for a few months of warm weather and sunshine. The only downside to the summer months? Those hot, sweltering days when it’s hard to get any sort of relief. If you live somewhere with hot summer days, you’ll appreciate these five simple tips to help make sure your home stays cool and comfortable over the next few months.

1. Close The Blinds

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If your home has a lot of windows, it might surprise you to learn how many degrees warmer sunlight can make your home. During the day (especially if no one is home), closing your blinds or curtains will block out the sun and can keep your entire home a few degrees cooler. Blackout curtains are even more effective!

2. Upgrade Your System

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If you have a central air conditioning system, make sure that it’s relatively updated. An old system might be totally inefficient, which can create some pretty high gas or electricity bills. Installing a smart thermostat (like a Nest, Ecobee, or Honeywell) can significantly reduce your bills as well. And if your home has old or no insulation, the cold air will drift right through your exterior walls. Putting in new insulation may seem like a huge job, but the savings will be worth it in the long run.

3. Reverse The Ceiling Fan

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If your home has ceiling fans, see if you’re able to reverse the direction the blades spin. Reversing the blades will keep hot air high up towards the ceiling, leaving the lower half of the room much cooler and more comfortable.

4. Use The BBQ

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In the summer, the last thing you want to be doing is standing beside a hot oven while cooking dinner. Having the oven on can instantly make your home a few degrees warmer. Take full advantage of your barbecue during the nice weather to keep your home as cool as possible.

5. Plant Shrubs

source: Zacs Garden

You might want to consider planting some trees and shrubs around your home. New plants will not only benefit the environment and improve the look of your landscaping, but they’ll also provide shade around your home, keeping things just a little bit cooler inside.