7 Quick And Simple Hacks To Keep Your House Cool Without Air Conditioning

source: Alamy

Summertime is a wonderful season for a number of different reasons. However, the relentlessly warm weather tends to make our homes quite uncomfortable if you don’t have the luxury of central air conditioning. If your home is hot, stuffy, and hard to live in during the summertime, these genius hacks will help you cool the place down!

1. Portable Fan And Bucket Of Ice

This may seem like something you’d see in a cartoon, but it actually works. Just set up a portable fan in front of a bowl or bucket of ice for an instant cool breeze.

2. Freeze Washcloths

Since nighttime can be unbearable in a hot home or apartment, soak some washcloths in water, wring them out, then stick them in the freezer. Before you go to bed, you can apply the frozen washcloth to the back of your neck to help you keep cool while you sleep.

3. Freeze Your Bedding

This is another simple way to stay cool while you’re sleeping. Stick your sheets and pillowcases in the freezer for about half an hour to 45 minutes before you go to bed. They’ll help to instantly bring down your body temperature in a hot room.

4. Instant A/C Unit

source: Tip Hero / YouTube

To make a DIY air conditioning unit for beside your bed (or any other room), all you need are some plastic bottles, a portable fan, and a few other small materials. Click here for the full tutorial.

5. Hang A Damp Towel

To get a slightly cooler breeze circulating through your home, you can hang a damp towel over an open window. However, if there is no breeze whatsoever, this hack will not prove to be helpful.

6. Ceiling Fan

This tip is actually so useful. If you change the direction your ceiling fan blades move in, they will transfer the hot air upwards instead of downwards. Click here to learn more about this hack.

7. Indoor Plants

source: Gawin / Truffaut

This may sound hard to believe, but certain types of plants can actually cool down the air in your home. Some of these include aloe vera, weeping figs, and ferns. Click here to see a list of 8 indoor plants that will work to cool down your home.