Simple Multiplication Hack For Children Struggling With Math

source: Komodo Math

Many children struggle with math. In the younger years, learning multiplication tables can be extremely difficult for some children. Maybe your own career requires you to use multiplication from time to time, and you just can’t remember those darn tables. Whatever the case, this simple trick will make all the difference for someone who is struggling with multiplication.

Thanks to Tips & Crafts for sharing this super useful hack!

Firstly, take a look at the chart below. In the first row at the top and first column along the side, you can see numbers from 1 to 10. The other columns and rows contain the results of the multiplications. By crossing two coordinates, you will get the result of the multiplication, simply put. For example, if you take the first 7th column and cross it with the 2nd line, you will see that the answer to the multiplication is 14.

Once your child is familiar with how that table works, you can move on to the Pythagoras table. Children are generally visual learners, and they will learn to find patterns and symmetry within this table.

source: Tips & Crafts

Speaking of patterns, in the table below, you can see how a rectangle is formed by the same number of multiplication places (in this case, the 5 x 3 table). Work with your child to identify other groupings or shapes of multiplication tables.

source: Tips & Crafts

Now, this method may not be suitable for all children, but if your child (or grandchild) is struggling with their multiplication tables, it’s certainly worth a try. Remember that every child is different, and some will need a little more assistance in certain areas of learning.