The Shopping Cart Hack That Will Make Your Next Grocery Store Trip A Lot Easier

source: TikTok/@HowDoesShe

I made fun of TikTok when it first came out and everyone was always glued to the app. I really thought it was just videos of people making up dances to certain songs. I will admit that I was completely wrong. I have learned so many recipes, tips, and tricks from watching TikTok videos. Although you’ll see everything on TikTok, there is a wealth of knowledge on there! When I saw this latest viral TikTok trend, I had to share it with you all.

source: JENuinely Homemade

Before my brother-in-law moved in with us, I’d say we had a fairly average weekly grocery shop. When he moved in, our grocery list turned immense. With two large-sized men working construction, they go through a lot of food. While I could formerly fit everything into one grocery cart with ease, my present grocery store items are overflowing from the cart. That’s where this hack comes in.

source: TikTok/@HowDoesShe

TikTok user @HowDoesShe shared this amazing hack that will help you navigate a big grocery shop. All you need to do is use the straps from the child seat to connect two carts together. You’ll have yourself a little train of grocery carts that can easily manage your huge grocery store list. Check out the video below to see this hack in action:


Bet you never knew this about grocery carts! If you have a big family you probably did! #monhack #grocerycart #fyp #lifehack #groceryshoppingtips

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This is an amazing hack for those with large families who can’t fit their entire order in one grocery cart. Why spend more time in the grocery store than absolutely necessary when you can navigate the store much more quickly with this hack? I love little tips and tricks like this one!