How To Rid Mildew And Hard Water Stains From The Shower

source: Ask Anna

Nowadays, most showers have a glass door or are enclosed in glass. Although this looks wonderful, the glass is also extremely difficult to keep clean. Between mildew, hard water stains, and soap residue, your shower’s glass can quickly look neglected. Thankfully, this simple tip will help the glass to sparkle like the day it was installed!

source: This Grandma Is Fun!

This Grandma Is Fun reveals that Jet Dry and some liquid dish soap is the winning combination when it comes to cleaning shower glass. She bought a dish wand and swapped out the sponge for a non-scratch scrubber so that it wouldn’t damage the glass. She then put about a teaspoon of liquid dish soap into the wand, added one drop of Jet Dry, and filled the wand most of the way with water. She then tipped the wand up and down to mix together the ingredients.

source: This Grandma Is Fun!

She then wet down the shower and scrubbed away. Next, she rinsed the shower and squeegeed a portion of the glass. Right away, she saw that it had made a huge difference and that the glass was sparkling clean. So if you have a glass shower, stock up on these few supplies (which you probably already own) and get to work!