How To Clean Stubborn Hard Water Stains Off Shower Glass

source: Pinterest/Stephanie Thompson

If you have a shower with a glass door, you’ll know the battle of trying to keep it clean all too well. Between hard water stains and soap scum, cleaning shower glass is no easy chore. Sometimes it seems like I’m aggressively scrubbing and wiping the glass for 10 minutes with no improvement. Fortunately, there’s a hack that will get your shower glass clean and shiny – with no aggressive scrubbing needed!

source: WonderHowTo Housekeeping

Well folks, put away the harsh chemicals because all you need to get that shower glass clean and shiny again is fabric softener. Yes, the same fabric softener you use with your laundry. Simply pour a small amount of fabric softener onto a sponge and use it to wipe down the glass. Then, wipe with a damp cloth, rinse, and dry.

source: Apartment Therapy/Joe Lingeman

You should be left with clean, spot-free, and shining shower glass. Many people say that products like CLR and Bar Keeper’s Friend also work well, but they contain fairly harsh chemicals that I try to stay away from if possible. Of course, if your shower glass is extremely dirty, you may have no choice but to bring in some stronger reinforcements.

source: Sebring Design Build

In 2022, I’m trying to clean certain areas of my home on a more regular basis so that the mess doesn’t build up and turn into much bigger of a cleaning project than it needs to be. And cleaning the shower glass in our bathrooms is included in this list of mine!