22 Plants That Thrive When Planted Side-By-Side

sources: Getty Images/Willowpix

Tending to a garden is practically an art form. If you want your flowers and plants to really flourish, there are certain tips and tricks you should definitely know. One of the most important tips for planting a healthy, vibrant garden is to know which plants to grow beside one another. Some plant varieties that are tall provide much-needed shade for shorter plants, while some plants naturally ward off pests, protecting other varieties. Here are 22 different plants that thrive when planted side-by-side!

1. Beans & Corn

sources: Pixabay / The Spruce / Getty Images

Green beans and corn: two of nature’s hardiest plants! Green beans attract not-so-harmless pests that also happen to feed on the pests that attack corn.

2. Spinach & Radishes

sources: Gardening Know How / Dreamstime / DIY Network/Nan Chase

Planting radishes next to spinach really helps spinach out. Pests will be drawn away from munching on spinach leaves and munch on radish leaves instead, which doesn’t harm the actual radish.

3. Cabbage & Tomatoes

sources: The Old Farmer’s Almanac / Bonnie Plants / iStock

The cabbage’s biggest enemy is diamondback moth larvae, which eat their leaves. Fortunately, tomatoes naturally repel this pest!

4. Garlic & Roses

sources: Shutterstock / New In Homes / Mark Cullen

Garlic and roses may seem like an unlikely couple, but garlic bulbs help to seriously repel pests that prey on delicate roses.

5. Lettuce & Spider Flower

sources: Gardener’s Net / The Growing Place / NetPS Plant Finder Tool

Spider flower (or any tall plant) is great to plant beside lettuce, as it provides the ideal amount of shade that lettuce needs to thrive.

6. Amaranthus & Peppers

sources: Wikipedia / HGTV / Shutterstock

Pests that generally prey on peppers seem to be more attracted to the much hardier amaranthus plant.

7. Melons & Marigolds

sources: Modern Farmer / Shutterstock / Wikimedia

Nematodes are microscopic worms that feed on plants, including melons and their roots. Planting marigolds beside melons has been shown to deter them.

8. Dill & Cabbage

sources: Grow Veg / The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Dill is a thin, wispy herb that could do with a little support. And that’s exactly where strong, firm, and hardy cabbage comes in!

9. Sweet Alyssum & Potatoes

sources: Alamy / Shutterstock

Another unlikely couple, sweet alyssum attracts insects like wasps, which prey on crop-destroying pests.

10. Love-In-A-Mist & Strawberries

sources: Flickr/Maggie McCain / Shutterstock

Now, this pairing is more about aesthetics, but it’s no less important! Tall, white or blue-flowered love-in-a-mist look so perfect planted among strawberries.

11. Dwarf Zinnias & Cauliflower

sources: The Garden Helper / Pixabay

Vibrant dwarf zinnias attract ladybugs and other pests, which in turn helps to protect cauliflower.

Now that you know about the benefits of these plant pairings, hopefully you’ll be able to plan out a lush, healthy garden that thrives all season long!