How To Ward Off All Sorts Of Pests Without Harming Them

source: Terminix / Shutterstock

Although critters are part of nature and should be left alone, that doesn’t mean we want them in and around our homes. Traps and poison are cruel, but this DIY method will simply deter unwanted pests, not harm them.

In a Facebook post, Elizabeth Liesch explained that she gets no mice, rats, skunks, snakes, coyotes, or javelina. All she does is cut “V” shapes towards the top of plastic containers, then fills them with water up to the cuts. Next, she puts four to six mothballs in each containers. She explained that the mothballs are water soluble and last a long time. Once in a while, she adds more water to the containers. Apparently, pests do not like the aroma and stay away.

source: Facebook via Elizabeth Liesch

Elizabeth said that she’s been using this method for many years now. If you want to encourage pests to stay away from your home and yard using a cheap, natural method, this sounds like your best bet. Thanks for sharing this helpful tip, Elizabeth!