How To Charge A Smartphone Properly For Optimal Battery Life

source: Acyc.

In today’s day and age, we rely on our smartphones for practically everything. Between texting, phone calls, GPS, and social media, our cellphones are a huge part of our daily lives. And so, it can be extremely frustrating when they die quickly — especially after charging them all night.

If your phone dies way faster than it should, you might just be charging it incorrectly. These simple tips will help your phone battery last much longer— just give them a try!

1. Charge Your Phone Frequently

Instead of charging your phone once a day (usually while you sleep), try to charge it frequently throughout the day. This will train your phone’s battery to last longer.

2. Unplug Your Phone When It’s Fully Charged

When your phone reaches 100%, be sure to unplug it right away. Keeping your phone plugged in while your battery is fully charged keeps it in a high-stress state, which can wear down the phone and make its battery lose its charge more quickly.

3. Ensure Your Phone Doesn’t Overheat

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When you’re charging your phone, make sure it’s at a normal temperature. If the outlet, charger, or phone feels like it’s overheating, be sure to unplug your phone right away. Additionally, don’t leave your phone sitting out in the sun. It puts unnecessary stress on the phone and its battery.

4. Don’t Let Your Battery Drain Too Much

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As much as you don’t want your phone to stay at 100% for too long, you also don’t want to let the battery drain too much. Experts say that the sweet spot to keep your phone’s battery at is around 50%. This will help your battery to stay charged for longer.