Mom Shares Great Hack For Making DIY Book Sleeves

source: Facebook/Susan Venable Gremillion

As you likely already know, many books do not come with protective covers. Throw children and careless teens into the mix, and it’s not difficult to understand how books undergo so much wear and tear. However, one mom discovered a cheap and simple solution for protecting books, and the video of her method has gone viral.

Susan Venable Gremillion created a genius hack for covering books using cheap gift bags. You can buy these gift bags for next to nothing at the dollar store, but they certainly do the trick! Watch the video below to see how Susan makes these clever book covers.

A bit of cutting, a bit of folding, and voila! This is a great hack for parents who want to protect the textbooks given to their children by the school. When textbooks get damaged, parents are expected to replace them. So, you can save a whole lot of money by covering textbooks with a super cheap gift bag instead!

This is also a great idea for teachers if they want to go the extra mile in protecting their classroom’s books. In the comments on Susan’s video, many people explained that brown paper bags and wrapping paper also make for effective book covers. Thanks, Susan, for sharing this genius tip!