12 Great Parenting Hacks To Make The Job A Little Bit Easier

source: Facebook/Jake White

I don’t care if you’re a neurosurgeon or a rocket scientist – parenting is undoubtedly the most difficult job in the world. Yes, it can be a challenge to keep your children safe and set them up to succeed in life. But it’s also super darn hard to keep them entertained! Fortunately, the following 12 hacks will help keep young children busy and happy so that you parents can do what you need to do to make it through the day!

1. Comforting Hand

source: Reddit

If you have a baby or toddler who only seems to quiet down when you’re resting a hand on their back, fill a glove with some beans and secure the opening of the glove. Place the glove on their back. This will allow you to get up and leave the room, while giving your child the impression that you’re still resting your hand on them.

2. Scrolling Art Frame

source: Reddit

Fasten a roll of craft paper to the wall, feeding it through a frame within your child’s reach. They’ll be able to do art within the square, saving your walls from paint, markers, and crayons.

3. Sheet Hammock

source: Joyful Abode

By securing a bed sheet around a flat table, you can make a DIY hammock for your little one to chill out in!

4. No-Sand Zone

source: Team Johnson

Bring a fitted sheet to the beach, then place heavyish objects in each of the four corners. This will create “walls” around the sheet, meaning your child (and belongings) won’t be covered in sand at the end of the day.

5. Shady Sheet

source: Little Baby Watson

And speaking of bed sheets, you can also use a fitted sheet over top of your child’s playpen while outside. This will keep them shaded from the sun!

6. Baby Shower Hat

source: Wish

If your baby or toddler hates getting water in their eyes when you bathe them, this adorable baby shower hat should solve the problem.

7. Colorful Clock

source: Imgur/youandmeandrainbows

A color-coded clock is a great way to help your kids stay on track after school and leading up to bed time.

8. Car Seat Partitions

source: Facebook/Jake White

Sick and tired of your kids fighting in the backseat while in their car seats? Foam or cardboard partitions will do the trick.

9. Glowing Bath

source: Happy Home Fairy

If you have a hard time getting your kids in the bath, make it more fun by placing glow sticks in the tub!

10. Cardboard Box Canvas

source: Berry Sweet Baby

To deter your children from coloring all over the walls, give them an empty cardboard box! They can cover the bottom and sides of the box with whatever art they want.

11. Hamper Hack

source: Happy Home Fairy

If your toddler is still too young to be bathed in the big bathtub, use a laundry hamper as a mini tub within the tub!

12. Fence Painting

source: Teaching Every Day

To keep kids entertained on a hot day, have them “paint” the fence with water. Trust me, it’ll keep them busy for hours.