Husband Gifts Wife A Birthday Cake In The Shape Of Her Favorite Thing – An Amazon Prime Parcel

source: Facebook/Emily McGuire / Facebook/Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn

What was life like before the convenience of Amazon Prime?! Gone are the days of waiting weeks and even months for your packages to arrive. You can simply place an order on Amazon Prime, and receive your package the very next day. Our front porch is decorated with Amazon Prime parcels on a very regular basis, and it turns out I’m not the only one who loves this service.

source: Shutterstock

Emily McGuire received a birthday cake from her husband, Waylon, in the shape of an Amazon Prime package. The cake is so realistic-looking, Emily actually thought it was a real Amazon box at first!

Everything about the cake is edible – right down to the “tape” and package “label,” which are made from sugar and wafer paper. This glorious creation was made by Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn, which is located in Dunn, North Carolina.

If you’re wondering whether or not Emily was offended by her husband’s gift, the answer is no – she thought it was hilarious! Plus, I’m sure it tasted absolutely delicious, so clearly no harm was done. I don’t know about you, but I’d be delighted if this beautiful cake showed up on my doorstep – or in my kitchen!