How To Make Sanitizing Wipes From A Container Of Baby Wipes

source: YouTube/Do It On A Dime

The COVID-19 situation has caused a number of shortages for consumers. Where I live, people flocked to clear the shelves of toilet paper, flour, and of course, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Although I generally like to clean the house with natural products, we need the tough stuff to kill virus-causing germs. Fortunately, a few local breweries and distilleries in our area started producing alcohol to be used as a disinfecting agent, which I’m quite thankful for!

source: SciMoms / Shutterstock

And although it’s tough to find hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, you can make them yourself with just two products – baby wipes and rubbing alcohol! If you can’t find any rubbing alcohol at your local pharmacy or grocery store, try contacting any breweries or distilleries near you to see if they are producing alcohol with a 70% concentration or higher.

source: YouTube/Do It On A Dime

All you need to do is grab a pack of baby wipes. Use a small funnel and slowly pour some rubbing alcohol into the package. When you’ve poured in a good amount of alcohol, close the container and turn the package over so that the alcohol covers all of the wipes. Check out the video below to see this hack in action.

You’ll be left with a container that easily fits into your purse or backpack, and can bring it with you wherever you go. Use the wipes to sanitize your hands and any frequently touched surfaces in your home. You can also use the wipes to remove deodorant stains from clothing, as an added perk! Hopefully this has been a helpful hack – I know I’ll be trying it!