4 Random Yet Helpful Uses For Duct Tape

source: The People's Pharmacy / juhametso

When you think of duct tape, you probably think of a material used for patching holes or holding things together. And you’re not wrong! However, duct tape can also be used for some health-related situations, too. After reading this list, we’re betting you’ll go out and stock up on duct tape.

1. Removes Splinters

Instead of digging at your skin with a pair of tweezers, try this pain-free method instead. Soak the area of your splinter in warm water and epsom salt. This will help dislodge the splinter and bring it closer to the surface. Pat the area dry, and apply a piece of duct tape to the area. After about half an hour, slowly peel off the duct tape. The splinter should come off with it.

2. Removes Warts

source: HealthLine

You can avoid having to see a specialist if you try this wart-removal technique. Simply apply a piece of duct tape to the wart in question. Leave it on, and remove it every three to six days. During this time, use an emery board or pumice stone to rub down the wart before replacing the duct tape. Before long, the wart will be gone!

3. Removes Ticks

When you notice a tick has latched onto you, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. First, you’ll need to drown the tick by pouring either rubbing alcohol or Vaseline over it. Wait about 10 minutes, then carefully apply a piece of duct tape over top of the tick, creating a sort of crease. Use the duct tape to pull the tick out. You need to make sure you get the head, which the alcohol or Vaseline will help ensure.

4. Quick Bandage

source: Popular Science / Flickr

If you injure yourself and don’t have a bandage on hand, start by applying a clean piece of gauze to the area. Then, apply a piece of duct tape over the gauze. This will seal the gauze to your skin and prevent outside bacteria from getting in until you’re able to properly treat it.