How To Grow Healthy And Delicious Tomatoes

The Wannabe Homesteader/Youtube

There’s no question that tomatoes are absolutely delicious. Between sauces, salads, and in slices on sandwiches, the possibilities for cooking with tomatoes are endless. If you use a lot of tomatoes in a week, then what you’re about to hear will probably thrill you.

source: The Spruce

Buying tomatoes that aren’t ripe yet is just a waiting game, but having too ripe tomatoes generally results in us throwing them out. You know when a tomato starts to get soft and ends up very watery when you slice it? If you suspect you have a tomato like this, hang on to it!

An overripe tomato, a pot, and some soil is all you need to grow your own tomatoes! All you have to do is fill a pot halfway with soil, place the overripe tomato slices on top, then sprinkle some more soil on top of that.

This easy-as-pie method promotes the growing of seedlings, which will ultimately result in a tomato plant! Click on the video below to watch the entire process courtesy of The Wannabe Homesteader.