Parents, This Is Important! Make Sure Your Child Is Buckled In Their Car Seat Correctly

source: Facebook/Safe Kids Davis County / Facebook/Ali Dodd

If you have a child, then you obviously own a car seat. There are many different opinions surrounding the proper way to buckle your child into their car seat, and it can be difficult to determine which is the right way. Thankfully, these helpful photos show the safest way to seat and buckle your child into their car seat.

The Facebook page for Safe Kids Davis County released this post explaining how to adjust the straps of your child’s car seat. Take a look at the image below.

According to this post, the straps on your child’s car seat should be snug with the buckles sitting at their chest. Look at the photo below to see how you can perform the “pinch test” to ensure your child’s car seat straps are the correct tightness.

You want the car seat straps to be tight enough that the child cannot slip out from them in the case of a car accident, with the chest clip at armpit level for additional safety measures. You can click here to read more information on car seat safety. Thanks to Safe Kids Davis County for sharing this important, lifesaving information!