9 Great Hair Hacks For Curly Hair

source: YouTube/Donata White

When I was a little kid, I absolutely hated my curly hair. I envied the girls in my class who had smooth, pin-straight hair. As I got older, I learned to appreciate my curly hair. However, I could still use some help in the styling department! If you, too, are looking for tips on taming and styling your curls, look no further than these awesome curly hair-approved hacks.

1. Identify Your Curl Type

The first step in styling your curls is to identify which type of curls you have. Refer to the above chart to see which curl type your hair most closely resembles. Many products are designed with specific curl types in mind, so it’s important to know which category your curl falls into.

2. Avoid Intense Heat

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Intense heat is no friend to curly hair. Avoid using blowdryers, hair straighteners, and other hot hair tools on curly hair, as this will damage your hair and cause it to look frizzy over time. Find a good product, let your hair air-dry, and embrace those curls!

3. Avoid Towel-Drying

source: Naturally Curly

Towels are far too harsh for drying curly hair. They can cause your hair to become damaged, and will also ruin the natural shape of your curl as your hair dries. Instead of using a towel to dry your hair, use a cotton t-shirt. This method is far more gentle on curls.

4. Get Layers

source: Bekci Club

If you have curly hair, layers will be your best friend. If your hair is all one length, you’re likely going to experience the dreaded “triangle” – when your hair poofs out at the bottom, giving your hair a triangle shape.

5. Use Scrunchies

source: Naturally Curly / Grace Eleyae

Creases from hair elastics become even more apparent on curly hair. It’s better to use crease-free elastics or thick scrunchies to avoid being left with an unsightly crease.

6. Use A Diffuser

source: DryBar

If you aren’t someone who’s able to let their hair air-dry, use a diffuser as a blowdryer attachment. Flip your hair upside-down and dry your hair from the bottom, up. This will allow you to dry your hair without having a ton of frizz.

7. Deep-Conditioning Hair Mask

source: Note To Trash

Although it’s not ideal for anyone to have dry, damaged hair, it’s even more concerning for those with curly hair. Get in the practice of doing a deep-conditioning hair mask every month or so. Coconut oil, olive oil, egg yolks, and mashed bananas are all great natural ingredients to use. Doing a hair mask will keep your curls hydrated, shiny, and smooth.

8. Wide-Tooth Comb

source: PureWow / Instagram

Brushing curls is seriously tough. But there is a good way to tackle the job. Apply some product to a wide-tooth comb and run the comb through your wet hair, right after the shower. This will allow you to comb through your hair without ruining the curl.

9. Sleep In Style

source: Curly Cailin

Sleeping with curly hair is another somewhat difficult task. To avoid sleeping on your curls and turning them into a frizzy, tangled mess, throw your hair up right on top of your head. You may look silly, but your hair will be much easier to style in the morning!

Now that you know these tried and true curly hair tips, hopefully you’re better equipped to expertly style and embrace those beautiful curls!