14 Instagram Beauty Hacks That Are Basically Genius

source: 5 Fun Facts

When Instagram first came into existence, it was purely a place for people to post selfies and photos of friends, family, and pets. Now, Instagram is a super useful resource for practically everything – including beauty tips! Here are 14 beauty hacks found on Instagram that are incredibly clever.

1. Clean Your Brushes

Some olive oil, dish soap, and warm water is all you need to deep-clean your makeup brushes.

2. Coffee Body Scrub

The cheapest and most effective body scrub out there? Coffee grounds!

3. Fix A Broken Palette

A broken palette can be saved by adding a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

4. Fix A Bra’s Underwire

A piece of moleskin will fix an underwire that’s popped out of your bra.

5. The Eyeliner Trick

Lining your waterline with white eyeliner will make your eyes appear bigger, and lining them with dark eyeliner will make your eyes appear smaller.

6. Thicker-Looking Hair

Make your hairline appear thicker with some eyeshadow the same color as your hair.

7. Flawless Mascara

To prevent getting mascara all over your face while applying it, use a spoon as a guard.

8. Prevent Sweat Marks

To prevent sweat marks, line the armpits of your top with pantyliners!

9. Check Expiry Dates

Ensure you’re checking the symbols on your makeup and beauty products for expiry dates.

10. Plump, Moisturized Lips

A clean toothbrush and some Vaseline will give you soft, exfoliated, and plumped up lips.

11. Voluminous Lashes

For thicker-looking lashes, use a Q-tip to apply baby powder to your eyelashes in between coats of mascara.

12. Clean Your Tools

It’s not just your makeup brushes that need to be cleaned! Your beauty tools need to be cleaned on a regular basis, too.

13. Tighter Pores

You may not love the feeling of cold water, but your skin will thank you.

14. Damp Beauty Blender

For seamless foundation application, you should always wet your beauty blender before using it.