12 Ways To Reuse Used Coffee Grounds

source: Wikipedia Commons

There are so many things that people toss away without a second thought. Coffee grounds are generally one of these things. However, you can reduce waste and save money by using coffee grounds for these brilliant reasons instead!

1. Combat Grease

source: Food Hacks Daily / Image by Brady Klopfer

If your pots and pans are covered in grease and burnt food residue, use coffee grounds to scrub them clean.

2. Eliminate Food Odors

source: Hometalk

If you’ve been chopping onions or garlic and the odors won’t come off your skin, use coffee grounds to scrub and wash your hands.

3. DIY Candles

source: YouTube/MOD

There’s no need to go out and buy expensive candles. You can make your own using coffee grounds. Click here for the easy tutorial!

4. Deter Pests

source: Redeem Your Ground

Many pests absolutely despise the smell and texture of coffee grounds. Protect your plants by sprinkling the grounds around your garden.

5. Deodorize A Garburator

To deodorize your garburator (your sink’s garbage disposal), sprinkle some coffee grounds down it.

6. Fertilizer

source: GrowVeg

Did you know that coffee grounds can act as a natural fertilizer? They also attract earthworms, which are a plant’s best friend!

7. Promote Carrot Growth

source: Instructables

Did you know that if you mix coffee grounds with carrot seeds, they will likely grow bigger and more quickly?!

8. Deodorize The Fridge

If your fridge isn’t smelling so great, fill an open jar with coffee grounds and place it on one of your fridge’s shelves.

9. Fix Wood Scratches

source: Yankee Magazine

To fix nicks and scratches on dark wood furniture, use coffee grounds to fill them in.

10. DIY Coffee Scrub

source: WooHoo

To exfoliate your skin naturally, use coffee grounds when you’re in the shower.

11. Darken Hair

source: wikiHow

Want to naturally darken your hair? Massage coffee grounds into damp strands!

12. Compost

source: The Spruce

If you don’t want to use coffee grounds for any of these reasons, you can at least compost them! Coffee grounds make for a great compost additive, as they’ll break down and become a fertilizer for plants.