14 Gardening Hacks That Will Help Flowers, Veggies, And Fruit Flourish

sources: The Garden Glove / Fine Gardening / Andre Baranowski

I consider myself to be an avid gardener – my husband has absolutely no interest in tending to the plants, so I wasn’t left with much of a choice. But as everyone knows, even a master can learn new tricks! Here are 14 great gardening hacks that will help your flower beds, vegetable garden, and fruit-producing plants to really flourish.

1. Prevent Leaking Soil

source: Simply DIY 2

If you have potted plants in your home (or outdoors), line the bottom of the pot with a coffee filter. Water will still be able to drain through the hole, but you won’t be left with a mess of soil everywhere.

2. Protect Seedlings

source: Flickr/zeevveez

It may not look super pretty, but if you place upright forks in the soil surrounding seedlings, you’ll protect them from critters who want to eat them for a snack.

3. TP Seedling Starters

source: We Know Stuff

Speaking of seedlings, an empty toilet paper roll makes for an excellent seedling starter!

4. Watermelon Hammock

source: Fine Gardening / Andre Baranowski

Watermelons are extremely heavy, especially considering they grow on a vine. Use an old t-shirt to make a watermelon hammock which will support them as they grow.

5. Prevent Transplant Shock

source: Balcony Garden Web

To reduce the risk of transplant shock, sprinkle some epsom salt into the hole before you place in the plant and fill in the hole with soil.

6. Self-Watering System

source: The Garden Glove

Going out of town for the weekend? Fill an empty wine bottle with water, then quickly flip it upside down and stick it in the center of your planter. The plant will absorb the water over time as it needs it. Genius!

7. The Diaper Hack

source: Sincerely, Sara D.

This may seem weird, but it’s a great trick for plants (especially hanging baskets) that have a tendency to dry out quickly. Stick a diaper at the bottom before filling the planter with soil. It will help the soil to retain moisture for longer!

8. Pallet Strawberry Planter

source: The Homestead Guru

An old wooden pallet makes for the perfect strawberry planter because you can grow the plants from the top and out the sides.

9. Insulate Tomatoes

source: Instructables

Tomatoes like warm, humid climates in order to thrive. You can insulate a growing tomato plant with a wire tomato cage and some plastic wrap.

10. Milk Jug Insulators

source: Alaska Public Media

Another great way to insulate young plants is by using empty milk jugs. Cut off the bottom, remove the lid, and place the jug over the plant!

11. DIY Seed Tester

source: Indoor Growing Canada

Have some seeds hanging around that have been in a drawer for ages? To test if they’re still good for planting, sprinkle a couple of seeds on a paper towel that’s damp with warm water. If the seeds begin sprouting over the next couple of days, they’re good to go.

12. DIY Watering Can

source: My Stay At Home Adventures

Empty milk jugs can be used for many things. Poke some holes through the lid, and you’ve got yourself the cheapest watering can out there!

13. Veggie Garden Markers

source: Adventure in a Box

When planting your veggie garden at the start of the season, use painted rocks as markers! This would be such a fun activity to involve kids in.

14. Kill Weeds With Vinegar

source: High Profile Green Solutions

To kill pesky weeds growing in your garden or between your patio stones, spray them with distilled vinegar. Repeat for a couple of days until the weeds shrivel up, then remove them.

I hope these handy dandy tips will help you to make your garden even more beautiful than I’m sure it already is. Happy gardening!