How To Quickly And Efficiently Shovel Snow During The Winter

source: YouTube/L Kanavaros

If you hail from somewhere with cold, snowy winters, chances are you’ve already had to shovel at least once thus far. And as we all know, winter (and shovelling) is just getting started. I think it’s safe to say that no one looks forward to the backbreaking task of shovelling, and depending on how much snow falls during the night, you could be out there sweating for hours. That’s where this handy hack comes in.

source: YouTube/L Kanavaros

YouTuber L Kanavaros was kind enough to share his clever method for shovelling snow. This method doesn’t involve bending or breaking your back, and it doesn’t require purchasing any fancy snow shovels or other tools. All you need is your snow shovel and a piece of rope, chain, or anything flexible that you can attach to the lowest point of your shovel.

Start by standing with your back straight and your arms straight down. Load the shovel with snow. Lift by curling your arm that is holding the rope, while the other arm shoots the snow away. When shovelling upwards on steps, just shorten up your rope grip. You can also shovel going downwards on steps, just lengthen your rope grip. At all times, ensure that you are keeping your back straight up and down.

To see this awesome method for shovelling snow in action, click on the video below!