12 Easy Fixes For Unsightly Areas In Your Home

source: Bob Vila via One Kings Lane

Life is busy, so sometimes we overlook or procrastinate fixing up certain areas in our homes. Maybe there’s that vent cover you’ve been meaning to clean, or that drywall you’ve been meaning to patch. Fortunately, many of these truly are quick and easy fixes. You just need to know a few tips to help you get the job done!

1. Remove Water Stains from Wood

source: Sometimes Homemade

If you have a wood dining table or coffee table, you know all too well how those white water stains can appear. If you’re trying to remove water stains or rings from a wood surface, slap some mayonnaise over the stain, then cover with some plastic wrap. Let it sit for a few hours or overnight, then remove and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

2. Clean Up Drywall Around Switches

source: Kyle Switch Plate

I think most of us have at least one light switch in our homes where the drywall was cut too large around the switch plate. If you don’t want to patch the drywall, just swap the regular plate out for an oversized one!

3. Hide TV Cords

source: Legrand US

Nothing can ruin a nice living room display quite like unsightly cords and cables. A cord cover kit is a simple solution.

4. Remove Rust Stains

source: WD-40 Australia

Over time, porcelain toilet bowls can become covered in hard water and rust stains. You may be surprised to learn that some WD-40 can take care of that. Just put a small amount of WD-40 on the stains, let it sit for a few minutes, and use a toilet brush to scrub clean.

5. Clean Dusty Ceiling Fans

source: Extreme Comfort

To remove the dust from a ceiling fan, insert each blade into an old pillowcase and use the pillowcase to wipe and trap the dust.

6. Clean A Dusty Vent Cover

source: The Today Show via Shutterstock

To clean a dusty vent cover, pop the screws out, remove it, and vacuum out the lingering dust from the area. Rinse the cover itself in soap and water, dry thoroughly, and replace the cover.

7. Refresh Rusty Railings

source: Remodelando la Casa

If you have porch railings that are starting to look rusty, use a wire brush to remove any flaking paint. Then, spray with a rust-stopping product. Once that’s dry, you’re ready to paint and freshen up those railings.

8. Paint Dated Leather Furniture

source: She Holds Dearly

Leather furniture from the 80s and 90s may look dated now. If you have leather furniture you want to spruce up, there is a special type of paint you can use on leather. Who knew?

9. Repair Ripped Screens

source: Cottage Life via Ozgur Coskun/Shutterstock

Ripped window and door screens greatly diminish the curb appeal of your property, not to mention let bugs into your home. Did you know there are screen repair kits you can purchase from any home improvement store that can have you fixing a ripped screen in less than 10 minutes?!

10. AC Unit Lattice

source: Remodelaholic

Want to hide a big, clunky air conditioning unit? Putting up a few pieces of lattice is a cheap and easy way to make your outdoor spaces more aesthetically pleasing.

11. Hide A Thermostat

source: Bob Vila via One Kings Lane

To hide a thermostat, add a pair of hinges to the side of a picture frame to “open and close” it whenever you need to change the temperature, but hide it when you don’t!

12. Conceal Litter Boxes

source: Amazon/The Refined Feline Store

Whether you purchase one or embark on a little DIY project, placing your cat’s litter box in a cabinet is a simple way to conceal the look, smell, and mess!

We all have little projects and fixes in our homes that we want to tackle, but can never seem to find the time to accomplish. Hopefully this list of hacks has given you some ideas and inspiration to start picking away at those projects!