How To Make An Easy Cheesy Corn Casserole

source: The Anthony Kitchen

You can claim to love salad all you want, but deep down, everyone wishes they could eat comfort food on a daily basis. Between mac n’ cheese, fried chicken, enchiladas, chicken pot pie, and spaghetti and meatballs, I can safely say that comfort food and I get along extremely well. If you, too, are an avid comfort food-lover, I’m going to share a recipe with you that completely epitomizes what comfort food is all about.

source: Brown Eyed Baker

Food blogger Brown Eyed Baker has come up with a recipe for Cheesy Creamed Corn Casserole that is every bit as delicious as it sounds. This comforting dish is super easy to make, can be mixed together in just five minutes, and makes for the perfect side dish at any holiday dinner or family gathering.

source: Brown Eyed Baker

With just six ingredients required, you really have no excuse not to try this mouthwatering recipe. Picture the spread: fried chicken, a green bean casserole, biscuits, gravy, and of course, this absolutely delicious cheesy corn casserole recipe. Is there anything better?! No, there simply isn’t.

source: Mobile Cuisine / National Geographic / Photo Credit: MET DANK AAN

So without further adieu, click here for the full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. Big thanks to Brown Eyed Baker for thinking up this scrumptious recipe!