8 Common Dog Behaviors And What They Really Mean

source: The Animal Bible

Don’t you wish that your dog could just tell you what they’re feeling or thinking? I know I sure do. Dogs exhibit tons of different behaviors, and many of them can leave us scratching our heads, wondering what on earth they want. Here are eight common dog behaviors explained!

1. Sleeping On Your Feet

If your dog likes to plop down and take a snooze right on your feet, it could be because they’re feeling a little nervous and are seeking comfort from you. It could also simply mean that they are subtly seeking affection, or that they’re telling other pets and people around that you are their person.

2. Pressing Their Head Against A Wall

If you see your dog (or cat) pressing their head against a wall, it’s time to take them to the vet right away. Dogs and cats will press their heads against a hard, flat surface when they’re having neurological problems, including a stroke or brain tumor.

3. Following You Into The Washroom

source: PetCoach

It’s not uncommon for dogs to follow their owners into the washroom. They aren’t being perverted; they’re simply curious as to what you’re doing in there, or don’t want to be apart from you!

4. Scooting Along The Floor

Have you ever noticed your dog sitting on their bum, scooting across the floor? This could mean that their anal sacs are full and need to be relieved by a vet. It could also mean that they have worms or another form of parasite. If you notice your dog doing this, make an appointment with your vet.

5. Yawning

Yes, yawning could indicate that your pup is simply tired. But dogs also yawn when they’re in stressful or fearful situations. If your dog appears to be alert but yawning, and in a new type of environment, don’t forget to reassure them.

6. Digging At Their Bed

source: Wag! / Shutterstock.com

If you catch your dog scratching at and trying to dig at their bed, don’t be alarmed. This is an instinctual behavior to get more comfortable. Dogs (including wolves and wild dogs) will dig holes outside to lie in because it makes them cooler.

7. Nipping

A dog will nip for a number of reasons. Some dogs nip when they are really excited, and don’t know how to control their excitement. Other dogs nip when they are stressed, anxious, or fearful. Try to identify what might be enticing your dog to nip, and consult with your vet to find ways to stop it.

8. Sniffing Other Dogs’ Bums

source: Pets4Homes

Have you ever wondered why when dogs meet, they immediately sniff each other’s bums? This is because dogs can tell a lot about another dog from sniffing their bum. There are many different scents located in the anal region, including the sex of the dog, what their diet is like, their disposition, and more.