14 Clever Dollar Store Hacks To Make Life A Bit Easier

source: Food Business News via Dollar Tree Inc.

Never underestimate the wonders that can be found at the dollar store! There are so many inexpensive, basic items that can be used in everyday life to make things a bit more functional. Here are 14 clever hacks using dollar store items you’ll wish you knew about sooner!

1. Shoe Organizer Hack

source: Salto Quinze

Shoe organizers are for so much more than just shoes! If you’re like me and have a ton of makeup, a shoe organizer is a great way to store and organize your makeup.

2. Tin Can Planters

source: Homedit

Some plain old tin cans can easily be painted and transformed into little planters for succulents and other plants.

3. Snack Caddy

source: Happiness is Homemade

This hack is a lifesaver for road trips with kids. Shower caddies can be used to hold snacks and lunches while on a long drive in the car!

4. Freezer Organization

source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

Turn magazine holders on their sides and use them to group together different types of frozen food.

5. No-Slip Tablecloth

source: Taste of Home/Sydney Watson

A fitted bed sheet is a great solution to flying tablecloths when camping or enjoying meals outdoors!

6. Cord Hiders

source: One Good Thing by Jillee

Sick of seeing unsightly computer and television cords? Use Command Hooks to keep them hidden.

7. Glass Bottles

source: Salvaged Inspirations

Home decor items can be really pricey. Decorate on a budget by buying some glass jars or vases from the dollar store and spray painting them with a matte finish spray paint.

8. DIY Rope Basket

source: Keeping It Simple Crafts

With a few dollar store products and a bit of time, you can make these tasteful DIY rope baskets for storage or simply decor.

9. Flower Pot Liner

source: Chas’ Crazy Creations

To ensure your plants’ soil can drain properly but prevent soil from spilling out the bottom of a flower pot, line the bottom with a coffee filter.

10. Tension Rod Hack

source: WonderHowTo MacGyverisms

Use a tension rod in the shower to hang baskets for shower storage.

11. Shower Cap Hack

source: Lady Land

Going on a trip? When packing, put your shoes into a shower cap. This will keep the dirty bottoms of your shoes from coming in contact with your clean clothes.

12. Condiment Tray

source: Chef Billy Parisi

Use a muffin tray to group condiments together when enjoying a picnic or backyard barbecue!

13. Creative Mugs

source: Living Well Spending Less

Some cheap white mugs from the dollar store can be easily transformed with some Sharpies!

14. Organize Jewelry

source: Chic Mummy

Organize and detangle your jewelry by hanging it up with Command Hooks.

Hopefully this list has shown you that there are so many great hacks to make life easier and more organized using inexpensive items that can be found at your local dollar store. Happy shopping!