Why You Should Dust Your Stainless Steel Sink With Flour

source: Stain Removal 101

Nowadays, most people have a stainless steel sink in their kitchen (unless you have one of those gorgeous porcelain farmhouse sinks — then I am completely envious of you!). Over time, stainless steel sinks can become coated in hard water stains and other residue. When they start looking grimy like this, it’s time to bring out the flour.

source: The Pioneer Woman

I know what you’re thinking — flour?! But it really does do a great job of making your stainless steel sink shine like the day it was installed. First, wash your entire sink with hot, soapy water or a traditional sink cleaning product. Then, rinse and dry thoroughly. It’s important that your sink is completely dry during this step or you’ll be left with a sticky, floury mess.

Next, sprinkle a generous amount of flour all over your sink. Then, use a clean, dry cloth to buff the flour in circular motions against your sink. The abrasive quality of flour will shine up the stainless steel without causing damage to the sink. When you’re done buffing, either wipe up the flour or use a vacuum to suck it up. You don’t want to wash the flour down the drain as it can create a clog.

source: The Kitchn

And that’s it! It’s funny to think of a baking supply as an industrial-strength cleaner, but this solution is dirt cheap and really effective. So the next time you’re giving your kitchen a good clean, don’t forget about the flour!