Black Red Roses Are The Perfect Moody Flower For Your Garden Or Bouquet

sources: WordPress/whatrosesmean via Deviant Art/Tiana Jade / Instagram/@florestamx

Although true black roses have yet to be discovered in nature, black red roses describe any variety of rose that is so dark burgundy or purple in color, they appear to be black. These rose varieties produce a bud that looks black in color. As they bloom, the petals turn into a dark red color, making them look deep red with hints of black. These flowers are so beautiful, they almost don’t look real. Let’s take a look!

source: The Spruce/David Beaulieu

While black red roses are commonly thought to symbolize death, this isn’t completely true. Black red roses also symbolize the end of one thing and the beginning of another – a rebirth of sorts.

source: Flower Collection Ecuador

The transition from the black to deep red petals give the black red rose a velvet-looking sheen. They really are mesmerizing.

source: Instagram/

In my opinion, there is no flower more perfect for a Gothic, winter wedding. These stunning roses would create such a moody atmosphere.

source: Instagram/@pupuddudud

Interested in trying your hand at growing black red roses? You can buy “true blood” rose seeds from Etsy retailer Petidsrus. I can’t wait to plant some in a little corner of my garden, and bring the beautiful, moody flowers inside for a vase arrangement when they bloom!