How To Prevent Your Dishes From Becoming Cloudy In The Dishwasher

source: DIY Network

Raise your hand if your home has hard water! Even with a water softener, I’m always noticing hard water stains on our sinks, faucets, and dishes. Even when I run a cycle through the dishwasher, my dishes still come out cloudy and sometimes speckled with food. If you have a similar issue with your dishes, you’ll appreciate this tip.

source: TLC Plumbing

The next time your dishwasher is ready to be started, place a bowl full of distilled vinegar on the top rack. Vinegar helps to eliminate those cloudy spots from your dishes, and also helps deliver a deeper clean. Just be sure to stick to the bowl method — running the vinegar directly through the detergent filter can damage the dishwasher’s gaskets and pipes.

According to CNET, there are a few other precautionary measures you should also consider taking. They suggest using a vinegar that is only 5% acetic acid, which is the lowest concentration of acid for a household vinegar. They also recommend having a water softener installed if hard water in your home is to blame for an abundance of white spots on your dishes.

source: Mom 4 Real

You probably already knew that vinegar is an excellent cleaning and disinfecting agent for various surfaces throughout your home. Putting vinegar in with your laundry offers a ton of benefits, too! There’s pretty much nothing distilled vinegar can’t do (especially when combined with baking soda). Now that you know this simple tip, your dishes will have a fair shot at coming out crystal-clean.