12 Amazing Experiences To Gift Kids Instead Of Material Possessions

sources: MiniTime / KOA Blog

Sure, children get excited about the latest, trendiest toy for about five minutes when they get it. But because their interests change so quickly, that toy becomes forgotten and old news extremely quickly. That’s why this holiday season, you should consider gifting your kids with memorable experiences instead of just material possessions they’ll outgrow fast. Here are some great ideas!

1. The Zoo

source: Great Plains Zoo

Because what kid doesn’t like going to the zoo? Give them tickets to whichever zoo is closest to your home, and they’re bound to have a great time seeing and interacting with different animals.

2. Spa Day

If you have a little girl, chances are she would love to have her fingernails or toenails pampered and painted by a professional.

3. Trampoline Center

source: The Concord Insider

Trampoline centers are all the rage right now, and most major cities have one where your kids can jump, bounce, and play to their hearts’ content.

4. Concert

Do your kids have a favorite singer or band? If so, concert tickets would probably make them ecstatic.

5. Camping Trip

source: KOA

How much fun would it be to rent an RV or trailer and whisk your family away on a camping trip? There are so many activities to do while camping, and it makes for such a memorable experience.

6. Pet

I can’t remember not having pets growing up, and it definitely fostered a love of animals that I still have today. If you have the time to properly care for a pet, why not welcome a hamster, bunny, cat, or dog into your family?

7. Lessons

source: Education & Learning / Getty images

Has your kid been talking about how they’d love to do dance lessons? Or music lessons? Or play on a soccer team? Gifting them lessons or signing them up for an activity they’ve expressed interest in is a great idea.

8. Movies

source: Mommyish

If there’s a movie coming out that you know your child would love, gifting them with movie tickets (and letting them bring a friend) would make them so happy.

9. Sporting Event

source: The Players’ Tribune

If your child is a huge fan of baseball, soccer, hockey, or another sport, imagine how thrilled they would be to receive sporting event tickets as a gift.

10. Indoor Water Park

source: MiniTime

There are so many awesome, kid-friendly indoor water parks nowadays. If your child loves the water and slides, passes to an indoor water park would make for a great gift.

11. Pottery Painting

source: Groupon / Getty images

I remember doing multiple pottery painting classes with my mom as a kid, and I really, really enjoyed them. If you have an artsy child, I’m sure they would love a pottery painting class.

12. Ski Trip

source: SkiBound

Has your child always wanted to try skiing, or do they already know how and love it? Take them on a weekend ski trip and it’ll be something they remember far into adulthood.