Teach Your Kids Responsibility With The List Of Age-Appropriate Chores

source: My Home Based Life

Having kids is no walk in the park. And keeping your home clean isn’t an easy task either. Our homes can quickly become a disaster zone, and it’s not realistic to think that you can do everything on your own. From an extremely young age, children are completely capable of completing basic chores. If you’re worried about asking too much of them (or not asking enough!), check out this list of age-appropriate chores for kids.

source: New Home Gazette / Getty Images

Ages 2-4

Pick up toys

Clean small spills

Pick up dirty laundry

Help dust

Set the table

Wipe off the table

Fold laundry

Make their bed

Ages 8-10

Clean their room

Do the dishes

Sweep and mop

Take out the trash

Ages 11-14

Load the dishwasher


Wash windows

Bathroom duty

Ages 15-18

Run errands


Mow the lawn

Remember, as long as your children are living under your roof (and they’re not babies, of course), they can help out around the house. Teaching your kids responsibility will make them into well-rounded individuals and set them up for success when they eventually move out and live on their own.