8 Year Is A Proper Age For Children To Start Doing Their Own Laundry

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Now, I have a somewhat sensitive question for all you parents out there — do your children do chores around the house? In today’s day and age, getting kids to help out is becoming increasingly hard. Why would they want to clean their rooms when they have a shiny new iPad to play with? Well, according to one parenting expert, your children can and should help out. And they should be doing so beginning at around 18 months old.

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According to child development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa, regular chores are the best way to raise kids to be “problem solvers of good character.” From 18 months to three years old, Dr. Gilboa explains that this age correlates to children wanting to be “big kids.” And so, it’s the perfect time to get them involved with household duties. She recommends starting them off small — like letting them hold the dustpan while you sweep, etc.

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From four to five years old, children should begin practicing small tasks on their own, such as picking up toys and tidying up their room. From six to eight years old, children should have weekly chores in place. Dr. Gilboa adds that daily chores are even better. According to Dr. Gilboa, an eight-year-old is completely capable of doing their own laundry. In fact, she even posted a YouTube video of her eight-year-old son instructing college students how to successfully wash and dry their clothes.

The video is pretty funny — check it out below!